Intellectual Property

Your business’ intellectual property underpins the value of your company. Without IP, whether it is a brand, copyright in software, or inventions covered by patents, your business will find it more difficult to stave off competitors.

Illume Legal’s lawyers have a track record of advising businesses, charities and entrepreneurs on identifying what IP the business has, how best to protect it, and how to monetise it. Sometimes businesses need more pro-active assistance on protecting their IP assets, which might result in court action or other proceedings, such as through the Intellectual Property Office.

We advise on all intellectual property rights matters and have a deep understanding of the interrelationship of those rights within the technology, digital and creative sectors.

Specific expertise includes:

Trade marks – protection, strategic advice, registrations, infringement and challenges, licensing, merchandising;

Copyright – identification, licensing, author and publishing agreements, ownership issues, co-development issues, software matters, infringement advice;

Designs – identification, protection, licensing, merchandising, ownership and co-development, infringement advice;

Patents and know-how – R&D agreements, licensing, manufacturing licences, biotech licensing, infringement and advice.

Intellectual Property