Join illume

When we asked our consultants what they liked about working at illume they said:

Freedom and Flexibility

Good quality work

Good rates

Feeling supported

The people

The ethos

So refreshing

It isn’t too big

No pressure!

Confident way to do business

Do you:

  • Enjoy the challenge of high calibre work without being tied to an office desk or dealing with office politics?
  • Want to get back to practising law after a career break but dread the thought of commuting? 
  • Want a more flexible working arrangement that meets the needs of you and your family?

illume is looking to recruit senior lawyers to join our rapidly growing firm. 

As a consultant solicitor at illume you will:

  • Have a better work/ life balance than you ever thought possible with the ability to manage your work and time to suit you and your circumstances
  • Benefit from being part of an exciting, vibrant, dynamic, and supportive community of exceptionally talented and experienced senior lawyers
  • Be provided with a full back office service, practice management software and professional indemnity cover 
  • Receive up to 80% of fee income you generate


If the above sounds interesting and you would like to know more about illume and how you can join us please email your interest to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.